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For those who wish to know more about Jesus Christ and the Church He founded.

Journey in Faith

Do you want to know more about the Catholic Church and her beliefs and practices? Do you want to come closer to God? Are you looking for the true meaning of life, why we are here, and where we are going? Each year we run a group to help with these and many other related enquiries. This is a course of instruction and prayer for those who wish to know more about Jesus Christ and the Church He founded.

This course is mainly for those who desire to become Catholic (whether or not they are already baptised). Adult Catholics who are not yet confirmed and want to receive this Sacrament are also welcome. No need to register. Just come to the first meeting.

The content of the 2021-22  Journey in Faith programme has now been released (see below).

The programme will begin on 12th October. Each session will take place on Tuesday evenings in Saint Mary's Parish Centre, Hexham between 6:50pm - 8:30pm.

Heavenfield Partnership
RCIA Journey In Faith Programme 2021 - 2022
Tuesday Evening 6:50 pm - 8:30 pm
Week  Month Date Sycamore Session
1 October  12 Introductory Evening 
2 19 The Search for Happiness
3 26 Half term
4 November 2  
5 9 The Existence of God
6 16 A God Who Speaks? 
7 23 Who is Jesus
8 30 The Holy Spirit & the Church
9 December 7 The Bible
10 14 The Gift of Faith
11 21 The Power of Prayer
12 28 Christmas Break
13 January 4 Christmas Break
14 11 Finding True Freedom
15 18 The Meaning of Love
16 25 The Light of Christ
17 February  1 Creation, Fall, Salvation
18 8 The Community of the Church
19 15 The Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation
20 22 Half term
21 March 1 The Holy Eucharist
22 8 Forgiveness, Healing and Mission
23 15 The Christian Vocation
24 22 The Social Teaching of the Church
25 29 How to Pray
26 April  5 Mary and the Hope of Heaven
27 12 Practice for Easter Vigil
Ouline of weekly session
6.50 pm Gather  Tea / Coffee
7.00 pm  Starting piece

Welcome,and Read and Reflect on Gospel for the coming week

7.15 pm Weekly session 

Presentation of material and discussion as per Sycamore session outline for the week

8.25 pm Ending 

Pull things together, end prayer and depart


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