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First Fridays and First Saturdays

First Friday Masses

As we continue into 2022 it is our hope that we might pay Our Lord fitting homage by offering acts of devotions and homage to Him in His Most Sacred Heart.

It is the longstanding tradition of the Church to offer devotions to the Sacred Heart on the First Friday of every month, at these masses we are invited to:

  • Receive holy Communion on nine consecutive first Fridays.
  • Have the intention of honouring the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of reaching final perseverance (the grace to be faithful unto death).
  • Offer each holy Communion as an act of atonement for offenses against the Blessed Sacrament.

Let 2022 be the year we take up this tradition once again, if you are able, please do come along to the first Friday masses!


First Saturday Masses and Devotions

In a similar spirit, Our Blessed Lady asked, when she appeared to the children at Fatima, that first Saturdays be set apart to venerate her most immaculate heart. So, on the first Saturday of every month, an additional mass will be scheduled at Hexham at 9:30am followed by Confessions for 30 minutes. Those wishing to may also pray the rosary together before the mass beginning at 9:00am.

Our Blessed Lady promised many graces to those who, taking up this devotion, offer veneration to her immaculate heart:

  • Received communion on 5 consecutive first Saturdays.
  • Prayed the Rosary on those Saturdays
  • Confessed their sins within eight days (before or after) the First Saturday Mass.

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